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Help & Info about LINE for android

  • What is LINE?

    LINE is an instant communication app that works on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. The freeware app lets users exchange texts, video and audio, images, stickers and games, and also conduct free video conferences and VoIP conversations. Launched in 2011 in Japan, the app is managed by LINE Corporation. Also, it's available in 40 languages.
  • How is communication like on LINE?

    Users communicate through videos and texts that include emoticons and stickers. There are both free and premium stickers available. The app also functions as a social networking platform, with its Facebook-like timelines and overall experience that entails sharing or updating on things.
  • Is LINE safe?

    LINE is aware of the dangers associated with online communication, such as cyberbullying. The app, therefore, gives users the option to keep profiles private and filter messages. The “hidden chat” feature lets users send short or hidden temporary messages. Unlike other apps with this feature, users can decide how long the messages stay.
  • What is Letter Sealing?

    ‘Letter sealing’ is a unique feature that incorporates end-to-end encryption to hide conversations between two individuals, and secures them using a software key stored locally only on the user’s device. As a result, chat content cannot be disclosed to third parties or in the server.
  • What information can be transferred?

    Users can transfer a variety of data besides texts and videos. This includes friends list, albums and notes, profile information (photo, display name, ID, status message), timeline information, data stored in Keep, themes and stickers, purchase history, and registration details for linked apps, to name a few.
  • Why is LINE so popular in Asia?

    LINE is most dominant in these three Asian countries: Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. It started its journey in Japan and spread to countries that have been influenced by Japanese culture. In other words, people who could identify with manga and anime characters from Japan have been able to relate to LINE well, especially when compared to other Asian countries and also Europe and America.
  • How to use the PC version?

    The app supports Windows 8, 10 and also Mac OS. To use LINE’s PC version, users must first register their email address on LINE’s Android smartphone version. The registration could be done even on a tablet. The PC version should be downloaded, and the registered mail address and password used for logging in.
  • What is Call Me Instead?

    Call Me Instead is an option that lets a user verify a phone number. If the option is not available, it means the phone number verification has already been done. This is another security feature to ensure multiple numbers aren’t used for the same account.
  • What is group chat?

    A group chat helps interact with multiple friends simultaneously. The groups can be named and group members can also befriend each other or interact individually. Users cannot be added to a group at whim. Invites must be sent and invited users would not become a group member until they accept the group invitation.
  • Is there a limit to adding friends?

    Yes, LINE restricts the number of people a user can have as friends on the platform. This limit applies to the number of people a user could be friends with and also how many people could add the particular user as friend. Moreover, a group cannot have more than 499 friends.


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