LINE for Google Chrome

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  • V 3.1.0
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Free app for social people

LINE is a free communications app that allows people to connect with each other and send messages and stickers. This is a great way to keep your friends up to date with what you are doing and where you are, provided that you are connected to the internet. Moreover, it is also Windows 11 compatible.

Time to get connected

One of the great things about LINE is that it is very easy to send quick and informal messages using this handy app. A large number of brightly colored stickers are available that can be selected to express feelings and send a short message and these are good ways to let friends know that you are thinking about them without having to send a long message. The stickers are even divided into themes and categories to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Now with artificial intelligence integration

OpenAI's ChatGPT API, the most popular and widely-used artificial intelligence-based chatbot, can now be enjoyed within the LINE app. Nicknamed AI Chat-kun, the integration allows its users to enjoy the full-fledged version of the chat service without having to leave the app. Users can send in almost any command—from writing 3000-word essays, asking for advice, creating a travel itinerary, crafting email templates, looking up recipes, and so much more.

While a majority of LINE users are Japanese, the ChatGPT feature is only available in English and optimized for PCs—thus, non-English speakers and mobile users might encounter a few difficulties using the integrated AI service.

The world just got smaller

People who are looking for a new way to connect with their friends and stay in touch even when on the go should make sure that they take a look at LINE. The only drawback with LINE is the large number of companies that also use the app to connect with potential customers. Several large companies have even created their own range of stickers to entice people to grant the company access to their social media account. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to avoid this ploy and even block the company if necessary.


  • Free to download and use
  • Lots of cool stickers to choose from
  • ChatGPT integration


  • Not all stickers available for free
  • Advertising from companies

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

LINE for Google Chrome

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 3.1.0
  • 5

  • Security Status

User reviews about LINE

  • Kitty Meck

    by Kitty Meck

    Older versions can't be downloaded, so the app can't be used on ios 12 anymore. I'm willing to bet that that there are people still using it on older  More

  • Milton D Beattie

    by Milton D Beattie

    This QR code can't be read. The software can't be used.

  • tony austin

    by tony austin

    well without a qr login i cannot use it and i do not have a smartphone only a computer!!

  • Riaz Ahmed Khan Raja

    by Riaz Ahmed Khan Raja

    WhatsApp very useful software. I always used WhatsApp with my friends and family.

  • Hsuanhuei Chen

    by Hsuanhuei Chen

    great app. Everyone is using line to sent pic and message.
    friends and families can communicate on Line istantly. We have good time through

  • Kim Otdom

    by Kim Otdom

    thy nama.
    i like line very much i play line every times line is good i like
    Pros: uodum